By Napoleon Hill

An inspirational Classic

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Think and Grow was written  in 1937. The book has 13 principles to lead you to Ultimate Financial Success and a great life style. Napoleon Hill was hired  by Andrew Carnegie, who was  a multie -millionaire andwho owned US Steel.

Napoleon Hill spent 20 years studying people who had obtained ultimate financial success and came up with 13 principles that they all had in common.  They were the following:  Desire, Faith, Auto-suggestion, obtaining specialized knowledge, imagination, Organized planning, Diffinate Decisions,  Being persistent, Power of the Master Mind, The principle of

Sex Transmutation, The subconscious  mind-the connecting link, The brain, The Sixth Sense and Eliminating the Six Ghosts of fear.


Think and Grow Rich starts out with phyosophy that thoughts are things. Then it goes on to emphasize the importance of developing a strong desire to achieve a diffinate chief aim in life. You have to be thinking about this diffinate chief aim most of the time. This will create high intensity frequency vibrations and attached with it strong positive emotions to send out to the universe. The universe will then send back to you matching high intensity frequency vibrations.  These vibrations will connect with your creative subconscious mind to give you ideas on how to solve problems and to create new things.

You will eventually develope a sixth sense to be an invisible guide to help you to make the right decisions to achieve your diffinite chief aim in life. By following these 13 principles with a strong belief and faith that you can manifest your desires into a reality; you will be able to be, do and have most anything you want in life. plus as an added bonus your self-confidence, your self-image, your self-esteem and your energy level will improve dramatically. Press Clinkbank to get more information. Clickbank