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Your Greatest Asset Is Your HealtH!

Your HEALTH is your greatest ASSET; Taking care of Yourself is YOUR BEST INVESTMENT.
Hybrid Fitness-PX slows the aging process and accomplishes body transformation by combining personalized resistance training with an Success Formula in 10 Lesson.

The Ultimate Fitness Formula

In order to get the best results from your weight training workout, you must develop  a very deep passion for it.  This passion will give you the motivation and driving force for you to maximize your workout.  The benefits of doing weight training; will help you to look better and feel  better.  For example, by doing lat rows will  help improve your posture, thus you will carry your-self better and appear more self-confident.  Weight  training will make you more stronger too and build bone density . Doing the cardio will increase your energy level and make you more dynamic  Having good nutrition will make you look healthier and feel better, by putting the proper  nutrients into your body.

THE Ultimate Fitness and Total Success Formula

In order to be successful in life, you must have  a” definite chief  aim” in life. Your decision has to be definite and you then must take action to obtain this purpose by self study,  through higher education or through personal training.  It has to be something that you have a burning desire for, feel good about, have a passion for, have a high aptitude for, plus have a strong belief and faith in your self that you can obtain it. Some of the things you may want to achieve could be developing a great dynamic physique that you can be proud of, becoming a top notch personal trainer, becoming a top notch real estate broker, or a top notch attorney.  Also, you then have to follow through with persistence until your ”definite chief aim” in life becomes a reality!

Learning how to develop “Unstoppable Self-Confidence” is a very important element in the success formula because it demands respect and gives you a good self-image.  To develop unstoppable self-confidence, first motion equals emotion. Stand up head looking up, smile, eyes looking forward and breathe like you are already self-confident. (By doing weight resistance training, it will help you to become more self-confidence,  because your posture will be better, thus you will carry your self  better.) 

Next visualize in you mind a time when you achieved some outstanding event. For example: when you scored a touch down playing football, when you closed a huge real estate sale, or when you graduated from college and got your law degree.  Say to your, I really did this, it was me!  Another thing you can do to help build self-confidence is to read books on great people in history, such as Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Carnegie.  Also, to help become a leader and to start believing in your self, it takes initiative to take action and have faith you can get respect to lead others.

Neo-Linguistic Conditioning is a great tool to eliminate limiting beliefs and non-resourceful emotions.  You first have to utilize leverage.  You must  make that change, be ready to make a change and believe you can make that change.  For example, if you believe that you are you  not very strong physically or borne to be poor and feel inferior, you can make that changeIF you do not change those beliefs, you  may still feel inferior, have loss of money, loss of friendships and not have a quality life style.  Secondly, You have to interrupt that pattern to eliminate those limiting belief.  (Just like scratching a phonograph record, so that it can not play that same way again). You could interrupt the pattern, by saying something to someone like STAND  UP, OR WOULD YOU EAT A DOZEN GRASS HOPPERS FOR A MILLION DOLLARS?  After you have interrupted  the old pattern, install a new more empowering belief such as you can become stronger and develop a great physique, through weight resistant exercisers, cardiovascular exercises and the proper nutrition. You have as much money as you need, as long as you are resourceful. Last but not least, condition your self with this new belief  by thinking all the pleasure you will have by looking better and feeling better by having a great physique and an abundance of money. You can also, change your emotional  state from  depression to motivation and drive by using neo-linguistic conditioning too.

In both your professional life and life in general goal setting is very important.   First when setting a goal, such as developing a great dynamic physique, an increase in your income, buying a new home or buying a luxury car, you have to set a goal that is obtainable within your capability.  Secondly, you have to develop a strong belief with a burning desire and have faith that you will obtain that goal. Thirdly, you have to not only believe and have faith that you will obtain it, but you have to visualize in your mind  that you already have that thing that you desire in your  possession.  Fourthly,  have to picture the thing that you desire in your mind and see your-self enjoying it. Also, you have to see your- self feeling really good, as if you already have received it.

Part Three
The Total Success Formula

“The Law of Attraction”, is a very powerful law, it  is just as real as the law of gravity.  How the Law of Attraction  works is when you have good thoughts and are thinking about something that becomes a dominating burning desire. Example, you want to achieve or have a certain person come into your life or have some material thing come in to your life. You send out vibrations at a certain frequency out to the universe.  The universe will then send out matching vibrations back to you in the form of feelings or you may get an idea or concept from the universe. The secret is to feel good in order to send out good vibrations. THE VIBRATIONS WILL INCREASE IN INTENSITY, by developing strong emotions attached to the vibrations. Emotions of love, sex, romance, hope or just feeling good. When you master utilizing the Law of Attraction, you will become a success magnet and be able to attract an abundant and quality life style. Also, the Law of Attraction is always working whether you know it or not.

“The Master Mind Principle”, Is a very powerful force consisting of 2 or more people working together within harmony to combine all their talents and some or even all of their  assets as well, to achieve a burning desire to create a new concept, build a new company and design a plan to build wealth. It is like combining several batteries together, which give off many more votes than the batteries would if not connected to each other and working separately. It is like taking, two of three brains combined and forming a master brain creating 10 times as much power and force! This is a very powerful force.

We are the only animal on the planet that has complete control of its thoughts and actions.  In order to  obtain total success in business and in life you need to have complete control of your thoughts. You have to first eliminate all negative thoughts and focus only on positive thoughts that  will put you in a positive frame of mind and make you feel good.  Once you have the discipline of having good thoughts you will have complete control of your actions as well.  Once you have complete control of your thoughts and actions, you can then concentrate on accurate thinking, which is getting the right facts before you make a decision on something.

Learning how to develop  a dynamic. enthusiastic and pleasing personality is very important, not only in your professional life, but in your  personal life as well.  Enthusiasm is like turning water into steam.  Steam can drive a locomotive.  Just  by being dynamic and enthusiastic gives you the motivation and drive ro close a sale or selling an idea or new concept. Selling is a transfer of energy. When you are dynamic and enthusiastic you have a firm hand shake, nice smile and lots of energy. By developing a pleasing  personality, you have a sincere smile, which says, I want to take an interest in you, I want to help you and be your friend.  Also, a good  book to read to help you develop a pleasing personality I s  “How to Win Friends &Influence People”  by Dale Carnegie.

The surest way to achieve success is to get in the habit of doing more than you are getting paid for.  By doing more than you are getting  paid for you are taking the bull by the horns and showing that you are  really sincere about your job. This will result in raises and promotions. Also, if you are in sales, it will result in increased  commissions.

Customers who talk about us

“Training with Phil and Hybrid Fitness-PX is the best investment I’ve ever done in my entire life!”

“I have been training with Phil White since July of 2009. Phil has that special quality of listening to his clients and being sure that the intensity of the exercises fits my needs. Also, I now have a brand new body, thanks to Phil.”

Terry G. 
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

“With the help of Phil, I was able to lose 10 pounds in six weeks using his workout techniques and eating plan. Phil has that special quality of listening to his client and being sure that the intensity of the exercise fits my needs.” 

Mark A. W. MD.  
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

“I trained with Phil for 2.5 months and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I was definitely surprised at the changes I was able to make during that period of time. Also, I nearly doubled my strength in most arrears of my weight training.” 

Ben S.  
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

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