Phil White

Phil White's Training Background

Phil White has been a personal trainer for over twenty years. Phil has helped people from all fitness levels and walks of life to achieve fitness and health goals they never thought that they could reach on their own. Phil is a former record holding power lifting champion who is passionate about helping people to visualize and to achieve their best. Phil dedicates his entire life to the pursuit of  Personal Training  to provide the best workout routines and the best nutritional education. He makes it his daily goal to provide motivational, educational and above all a fun experience to the workout sessions..

Fitness Background

Phil started lifting weights at the Portland Boys Club when he was 14 years old. He became a serious body builder and Olympic lifter at 17 years old. Besides working out with weights most of his life he has been an accomplished boxer, swimmer and downhill skier. Also, he has done bicycle racing and had entered many road races in the Maine area.

Educational Background

Phil's educational background was in Marine Biology and Oceanography and graduated from Southern Maine technical Institute in South Portland, Maine. He played varsity soccer and played left wing on the team. He later was a pre-med major with a math minor at St. Francis College in Biddeford pool, Maine. He graduated with honors and played varsity soccer. Phil White started his Personal Training career as an Ace certified personal trainer and later became an IFA Certified Personal trainer. Phil White and Hybrid Fitness-px™ are associated with the Olympia Fitness Center located at 20335 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura, FL. 33180