My name is Phil White and¦ am the founder of Hybridfitness-XP.LLC.

 I have had over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, working at the Olympia Fitness Center in Aventura, Florida.

As a teenager, I was a body builder and did Olympic lifting.
When I weighed 165 lbs; my Clean and Jerk was 250 lbs, my snatch was 200 lbs and my military press was 220 bs. Then I spent 2 1/2 years doing Golden Glove Armature Boxing and 2 years studying Karate. In college the first 2 years I studied Marine Biology, but the last 2 years I switched to premed with a math minor; plus played Varsity Soccer.

After I graduated from college, I did competitive power lifting. At 160 lbs, my lifts were a 325 lbs bench press, a 500 lbs squat and a 500 lbs dead lift. In Portland, Maine at Al Martins gym, I trained with some of the greats like Skip Robinson, who took Mr. America back in the mid 1970’s.


I developed a signature workout plan for my Online Personal Training that focuses on The 90 Day Body Transformation Program, The Weight Loss Program, The Body Building Program, The Reverse-Aging Naturally Program and The Specific Performance Program.


What I offer you in exchange for my Online Personal Training fee is to help you achieve your fitness goals, to make you Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better and to live a healthier more quality life style!

Learn how you can work with me to Transform your Body and Be the Best you can Be.

Customers who talk about us

“Training with Phil and Hybrid Fitness-PX is the best investment I’ve ever done in my entire life!”

“I have been training with Phil White since July of 2016 Phil has that special quality of listening to his clients and being sure that the intensity of the exercises fits my needs. Also, I now have a brand new body, thanks to Phil.”

Terry G. 
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

“I Started training with Phil in September 2013. Thanks to Hybrid Fitness-PX.LLC and Phil I have a whole new body. I lost over 20 lbs from 153 to 133 lbs. I had a body fat of 31% and now I have a body fat of 21%.”

Karina L.
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

“With the help of Phil, I was able to lose 10 pounds in six weeks using his workout techniques and eating plan. Phil has that special quality of listening to his client and being sure that the intensity of the exercise fits my needs.”

Mark A. W. MD.  
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

“I trained with Phil for 2.5 months and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I was definitely surprised at the changes I was able to make during that period of time. Also, I nearly doubled my strength in most arrears of my weight training.” 

Ben S.  
Happy Hybrid Fitness’s-PX Member

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